Do you?

There is often a time of the day, any time really when you cross my mind. I don’t know why, I smile sometimes and other times I become angry or sad. I miss you, I know that I do. I think of you often. I try to think of your human flaws to keep me from feeling towards you, but it doesn’t always work. 

I bet you don’t even think of me anymore, maybe a tiny glimpse of a thought, but I doubt it. It’s weird because you’re not aging yet, and I am. So we see things differently yet when we’re together it feels like we see the same. But my eyes can’t unsee, and I cannot give you the sights I’ve seen that have formed me. And quite frankly, you wouldn’t care to. Time goes by so quickly, I wonder if we’ll run into each other again, touch again or even hug again… But know that I pray for you, I pray for your happiness, but I also pray for your pain, it often teaches better than we know. I wish you pain and growth so that peace and strength will feel strong and mighty within you! I love you still. -Me