Do you hear what I hear?

I can hear the song by almost humming in my ear with the backdrop of winded palm trees swaying. Or crickets, anyways it’s heavenly! I can feel my body sinking into the mattress deeper and deeper I sink. Every minute or so a car would drive by and pull my attention because I’m listening to hear if it’s you. And time and time again it is not you. I wish you hear what I hear.

I am suddenly sad for you for not knowing this or sharing it with me or even just witness me so relaxed; feeling so , innocent, wow innocent? Sad because you can’t hear God the way I can hear God, good or bad. It is true when they say, “no god, no peace; know GOD and Know Peace”. I agree 100%, but if you don’t believe at all, what explaination have you? 

You’ll conform the meet what you think are my needs, but they’re not, because GODS will is real, and yet he gave us “Free Will”. You see, He is the ultimate forgiver, The Father, the Healer Lord of heaven and earth. But never once will you feel it for yourself, in you’re very own heart. 

And when you conform , I will not question as to why, because I know it’s me you’re doing it for. But yet I appreciate you for it. That displays a great demand of respect. Rather I pray, and meditate, waiting on the right answer from my God, My Creator. Praising Him over and again for the many miracles and wonders in my own little world. Does that make you think I’m crazy?  Would you believe me at all? 

When it comes the time for me to grovel at my Heavenly Fathers feet in tears, I want to thank Him for all of the mercy He had shown me, all the blessings and warnings, even some I don’t know about. God is merciful and loving God, an Almighty God and yet you’ll never know or feel Him or His warmth that runs through you like a warmer summer breeze. You won’t feel Him smile from the side over…! 

“Oh the Lord my God, Cleaner of my soul, tell me, will I pass through the gates?”

“……and when I do, will the man I love be beside me? For if it is to be so, let me go now, so I can have all eternity enjoying his face listening to his voice. Take me, take me!”

“No one hears me, I’m all alone, God hears me but He is truly the only one, I need to believe that, for there is no simple human on this earth who treasures me the way God does.”


Do you?

There is often a time of the day, any time really when you cross my mind. I don’t know why, I smile sometimes and other times I become angry or sad. I miss you, I know that I do. I think of you often. I try to think of your human flaws to keep me from feeling towards you, but it doesn’t always work. 

I bet you don’t even think of me anymore, maybe a tiny glimpse of a thought, but I doubt it. It’s weird because you’re not aging yet, and I am. So we see things differently yet when we’re together it feels like we see the same. But my eyes can’t unsee, and I cannot give you the sights I’ve seen that have formed me. And quite frankly, you wouldn’t care to. Time goes by so quickly, I wonder if we’ll run into each other again, touch again or even hug again… But know that I pray for you, I pray for your happiness, but I also pray for your pain, it often teaches better than we know. I wish you pain and growth so that peace and strength will feel strong and mighty within you! I love you still. -Me