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So I thought…

Boy was I wrong, but not about much. I got what I had expected, plus a couple of moves more, so I thought. I got what I wanted plus some added bullshit, a couple of twisted little hiccups, still nothing I regret. See I am a big girl and I can take what I get. As for your simple mind, settling is just what you’ll get. I knew what I was buying, and got just what I paid for, cheap thrills as band aides, and really nothing more. The sucky thing about it is tearing the band aid off. So let’s do it real quickly so the hurt can shake off. There would be no hurt if I didn’t think you were a friend, but I know thats not true so ripping that aid is whats best in the end. What sucks is I am generally warm and caring at the surface at least, you could’ve just been real. That is the difference my dear about the maturity of life, you may wake up one day, realize what you’ve done, but how you deal with it your mistakes is the truth teller. It will expose the character and the maturity of ones soul. I know what I did and why I did it, I will certainly make peace with it when need be. Things end, things change, things improve, and things die. Just be honest and graceful and dignified. Own your part, don’t be mean or cruel. Be genuine to yourself at least. No one was trying to harm you, it was YOU that got in the way. I am an open door, and an open person, you could’ve just said the words. But you couldn’t, because you’re not mature. Boy I wish things were different, or that you really were as brave as you were, so I thought… However I will miss you my friend… What we had felt so good to my body.


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