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Him, I think I miss Him…..

It’s funny how “out of sight out of mind”, really is possible.  For example, when he went away on a family trip and we didn’t speak for a week, it was so easy, as I am sure it was for him too.  I was so busy and preoccupied with many other distractions of my own.  I thought for sure I was safe from the binding urges to call/message/or visit with him.  

Upon his return, it was not long before contact was made, and I felt unenthused at first.  However, a strange and uncomfortable appointment blew that out of the water.  I found myself wanting to have his comfort more than anyone else’s.  Let me back up a little and just say, I am not a needy person, I do not need the affections of others pretty much at all.  Needless to say, I was bewildered at my very own desire to be comforted, especially by this individual.  He is not anyone I would envision in that role.  For me to feel the need to share in my weak moment the pain I was feeling makes me wonder, “why him”?  I am the strong one, the one in charge, the authoritarian. Why would i crave the comfort of his company?  It makes no sense, did I miss him, and not even know it?  I did not want to do anything particular, I jut wanted to lay in his arms and smell him around me.         Maybe even let me cry a little, maybe touch my hair, i don’t even know.  Most of all I just wanted to sit in silence, and have him there.  I didn’t want to talk, or anything else, just be there.  So, Him, yes I think I missed Him!


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