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Just somethings to tell you…

I have so much to tell you and here are just a few:

I love when my phone alerts me and it happens to be you.

I love when I see the caller ID and its a picture of you.

I love when you talk and I grin earn to ear.

When I am walking in public, and I don’t even care.

I know my look is a dead giveaway, and I don’t even care, for my smile gets so big it won’t fit anywhere.

I love that your lips are as soft as the are, I love that they kiss me, and I start to see stars.

A perfect match, it just fits so well, when those lips of ours are locking, my heart starts to swell.

You make my chest pound and ache, each message I read, this leads to confusion between my wants and my needs.

I love the way you care what my day has been like, even when its not great, you still want to know.  You have enough to worry yourself with so I don’t want to share, I want to be a source of your joy, so my thoughts need not show.

I love the feel of your chest and the feel of your waist, the look in your eyes, and the smile on your face.  

I can tell you can’t help it, the same way I do, you want me as equally as I do want you.

Theres a mutual science that utilizes us, its proving its theory, using us in their trust.

It knows we’re powerless over the responses we have, to each other and the chats, that we do often have.  

Physically its a gift between us too, so why is it difficult to just see it through?

I love your truck and that is dirty inside, even the way it smells and the trash falling out of the side.

I love that you listen, you hear and you speak.  I love that you pay attention, to the dream s that I keep.

My dreams about “clicking”, about babies and galore.  That boy will play hockey, and he’ll do a lot more.

He will be a good man like a falling apple could repeat.  He’d be made from the best and loved by the rest.

At this point i am falling asleep,  So its time for goodnight and your sol must keep.  Goodnoght.


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