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Down by the pier, just being with you.


Wishing I could be with you, down by the pier.  Holding, comforting, breathing in the perfect nights air.  Wishing I could be with you, just about anywhere, but I like the pier, its so peaceful there.  When the clouds in the sky are moving so quickly, I am praying that time is not moving with it.  Always wanting more time with you.  Wishing each moment would last.  Wishing to repeat each moment.  Wishing, wishing, wishing, over and over again.  To be touching, so gently, giggling in your arms, feeling the sense of comfort, feeling so still, so present, so perfect in time.  We could talk or not talk, either way I am fine.  Just sitting and staring into the nights sky is fine with me.  I don’t need the conversation, though I do love it.  I love when you make sense with me and make me laugh.  I love when you or I say something, anything and the other just gets it, and just smiles with surprise.  I love when you say certain phrases, certain comments, certain words.  Sometimes it is not the words but the tone, the look on your face.  Sometimes, I just love knowing that you enjoy you’re time with me, almost as mush as I with you.  

When I leave your side and return to reality, I can sometimes feels great, fresh, renewed.  Other times I can feel sad, disappointment, and maybe even a little resentment that I can’t have my way.  I could go on and on, and on through the night, but for now I will just end this with a really sweet goodnight.

Goodnight my friend, goodnight and sleep well.  Tomorrow is another day, and with it, no one knows what comes next.  Its a constant mystery, a journey of sorts, that I will continue until the water dries up.  So wait by the pier, I will find my way soon, standing under the sky and the very same moon.


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