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My First Spa Day



Last night I did something I have never done, I left my Husband and children home to fend for themselves .  Not easy but very, very necessary.  I had a see weed body wrap at a resort.  It was so fabulous.  I had a wonderful time.  I can now see why women do this for themselves.  Like a man may enjoy golf, or hunting or fishing, this was the ultimate relaxation.  I had no idea what to expect and I was a little nervous (about being wrapped up and being still for a period of time); I had no idea it would be the experience of a lifetime!

Upon my entrance into the appointment I told the woman that I was nervous about the treatment and that I had trouble being still, even if only for a moment.  She gave me the instructions on how to set up, and I followed her routine.  Once I laid on the massage table, I immediately  became relaxed.  I started to feel grateful for everything I have at home waiting for me.  My thoughts wandered into a happy, yet relaxed and content state.

First she exfoliated my skin with what seemed like a bristle brush and then massaged each limb with a substance that felt like warm aloe gel.  I had no idea that I wasn’t actually being wrapped in sea weed.  When I turned onto my back I noticed that the substance was a dark green gel like texture.  It was on the sheets while I was flipping sides and this is how I even kew what it looked like.  She repeated the procedure on my other side.

Once covered in the sea weed wrap, I was covered with warm towels and blankets; wrapped up warm and snug.  She preceded to start my facial while I sat in the wrap.  At a few points in time I must’ve fallen asleep due to the deep relaxation because I noticed that I had dozed each time I came to.  It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.


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