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Intimacy, Intimacy, Intimacy…it’s not what you think.


Intimacy, that’s right I said it, and I meant it.  How many of you think that you know what intimacy is?

It is not sex, it is not physical at all really.  It can expressed physically but intimacy is not just for sexual relationships and lovers, or married couples.  Intimacy is for everyone.

Intimacy is for families, friends, lovers and then some.  Even for children, and grandparents.  

Intimacy is the deep feeling of connectivity between two or more people.  It can be as singular as an intimate relationship with a person and God, or as spread as a support group and its survivors.  When there is a certain level of trust being expressed and respected; there can now be intimacy.  

Two lifelong childhood friends can often times share an intimacy that runs so deep because with the time spent in their lives being so much, especially during the formative years, a large amount of groundwork is laid out.  A lot of understanding and acceptance over a situation so to speak, being as there has been ample history, I could be safe to say that either person involved (or more) feel that tie that is brought with them a great deal of treasurable love and forgiveness.  



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