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Another day… Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

images.3Today is another day, as was yesterday.  A day without vision or difference.  It was Tuesday, I went to visit a friend whom I haven’t spent much one-on-one time with in quite a while.  I was there all day, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  In fact I don’t think I thought of Him much at all.  After leaving there I went home to pick up my youngest at school.  And again, I was just feeling grateful for what I have.  Upon arriving home we did our afternoon routine and I took her to her friends house and returned home.  My trees were going in the ground, I was pretty happy about that.  Earlier in the day they had to jack hammer a huge boulder under the ground in order to place the tree where I had requested, that was nice considering that they could’ve probably moved over 2-3 ft. and spared themselves a chunk of work, (no pun intended).  Still my mind was clear.

Once I got home and my friend got home, we decided to order out, we ate and left to go do other things.  Girlies errands I suppose.  We went shopping and got lots of fruit.  We actually had a great time cracking ourselves up.  We grabbed a red box movie and made our way home.  Still my mind was clear, of him at least.

Today, the stillness has returned, I am home alone and trapped in my head.  All I want to do is go back to sleep.  He’s on my mind, and I don’t want him there.  I have so much to take care of today and my final is tonight, I am hoping that Ill get a chance to study with a clear head.  Lord hear my prayers.  Theres a little bit of angst hindering me, please subside it and soothe me for now, just though until tonight.  But on the same note, I feel like even  I know its wrong, Id like to hear that voice again.


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