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A Daydream at night


I could tell you about the future, but that will never be real

I can share with you my daydreams, because they’re already here.


If I pictured the daydream to somehow be real, it would look a little something like this…

Waking up in the morning to the sweet smelling air, I roll over refreshed and see you’re not there.

Theres a rose on the pillow, I smile to myself and roll out of bed.  I go into the bathroom and brush my teeth and hair, as I look in the mirror I smile again because I can not help it.  I walk through the house and you’re no where in sight, so I make myself a cup of coffee.  As I sit at the table looking out at the ocean, I sip my coffee while the breeze barely slights my cheeks, hmm it smells so good.  I rinse my cup and put it away and decide to out on the balcony off the kitchen.  Its so beautiful overlooking the water.  In my robe I proceed outside and walk down the steps and into the sand barefoot.  I appreciate the way each texture feels, the soft white robe, the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and the sand between my toes.  The seclusion of this place is so peaceful, I remember why we picked this place, such a great escape.  I walk down to the water and it feels so good I decided to drop my robe and go for a swim.  As I drop my robe to the sand, wearing not a stitch of clothes I dive in the water and its so refreshing.  It is sure to alert me as it cools my skin, I can feel every single skin cell bursting with joy.  The contentment is so great in my heart and my head, I could just scream and laugh loudly at the top of my lungs how alive I feel.  As I turn to look back at the house, I see you standing on the deck smiling back at me with some fruit in your hands.  I quickly swim to the shore because I had worked up an appetite the night before.  I get out of the water and put on my robe and start heading to the house when suddenly I  wake and realize I am dreaming at night my real life daydream…


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