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Standing in the moonlight…


If I go back to that place, the place where we were

And walked through the field, turned stood and stared

If I listen to the wind, and if I feel a cool breeze

will I turn and find you waiting, reaching for me.

If I go back to that place and I sit in my car

I can turn on the music and just close my eyes

will your hand reach out, will it caress my hair?

Still I don’t see you, you’re not even there.

If I wait a bit longer will you arrive?

We can sit under the tree that we saw in the distance

we can lay down and look up at the sky

we can watch the stars getting brighter, and closer it seems

like two people closing in on making a dream.

I will wait on your presence so I can smell you again.

Would I risk everything just to feel that once more.

Maybe if I drive out there, you will reappear

but its highly unlikely that it was even real.

So Ill fall asleep under that beautiful tree in a moonlit sky

and rest all my thoughts as a passerby.

When I wake in the morning to the sun coming up

I realize  I am alone and that dream was enough.


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