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ChANGE OF Hearts.

Not so sure what the title, don’t know whats on my mind.  The day took a serious change for me I know that.  Maybe the title should be change.  You can go from feeling one way and then with a singular moment it can all change.  Sometimes, when those feelings wear off, you end up right back in despair.  From pleasure to pain to pleasure again and back on to pain.  Today has been a wave of both.  Back and forth all day long.  so at the end on the day, this is what Ive got random quotes:

Take care of that baby, she’s someones little girl.

Live adventurously but not dumb.

Save your earnings, but gift yourself.

Stick life out no matter what.

Be true to yourself, or others will eventually suffer.

Humans are fallible.

Hug a stranger.

Hug your mom.

Walk along the beach, or in the woods.

Find true love, but only after you’ve found your true self.

Be spontaneous yet thoughtful.

Always kill em with kindness.

Never, ever allow others opinions disturb you.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Always remember, if it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

Never judge others harshly, or you shall be judged worse.

Never enable another persons pain, fancied or real.

Practice acceptance, on yourself first then others and regularly.

Know that you are not God and you are only in control of the footwork.

No one is going to do it for you, nor should they.

It doesn’t feel as good if someone else earned your blessings, do it yourself.

Sacrifice much, but never your dignity.

Never steal someone’s own personal growth.

Keep your dreams alive, no matter the age.

Never put your soul up for sale, you’ll get robbed every time.

Wealth is not any good without someone to share it with.

Be careful who you share with, not everyones earned that opportunity.

Don’t buy a lemon.

The most important things when your buying an aged home are the roof and the foundation.

The same rule applies to marriage, as long as the foundation is good and the ceiling dosent leak.

Marriage and love have seasons, just like people, they grow and change any if your lucky enough you can go through those changes and stay best friends.

And last but not least, it is easier to ask forgiveness that to ask permission, but se it wisely.








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