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The end of the Road…. :-(

From Birth until now, she’s been the love of my life. This year she not only graduates from HS and prepares to move on with her life, but  as we speak we are at Cheerleading Worlds for her final time competing as an AS Cheerleader.  The amazing opportunities she’s  had have been truly amazing.  She was in the movie The Champions League, she has cheered for Sparks All Stars and then East Celebrity Elite, C5 for the last couple seasons.  I can not believe I will be watching her final competition this weekend.  It just baffles me.  Good Luck Kelly Ann and  C5, pray to Markell, and know that you all have a chance to do this weekend what he never got the chance to do:  Compete at Worlds with ECE C5!  Remember that.


One thought on “The end of the Road…. :-(

  1. My daughter just turned 19 and moved out of our house with her boyfriend. I was beside myself. I thought, what is she doing? She has all these things she has to do. Then I realized that I have spent my life telling her that this is her life to live and I don’t need to live mine through her.

    I don’t agree with her choice and the way she did it, but she has go out and learn her own mistakes, lessons, and truths. It is as they grow of age, that we mothers have to (and with real strength) put our opinions of what our kids should do aside and simply love them. It’s hard. But I believe that if I trust that I raised her right, then in the end she will make the right decisions for herself. And will succeed in the true wish I have for her, to be happy.

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