The end of the Road…. :-(

From Birth until now, she’s been the love of my life. This year she not only graduates from HS and prepares to move on with her life, but  as we speak we are at Cheerleading Worlds for her final time competing as an AS Cheerleader.  The amazing opportunities she’s  had have been truly amazing.  She was in the movie The Champions League, she has cheered for Sparks All Stars and then East Celebrity Elite, C5 for the last couple seasons.  I can not believe I will be watching her final competition this weekend.  It just baffles me.  Good Luck Kelly Ann and  C5, pray to Markell, and know that you all have a chance to do this weekend what he never got the chance to do:  Compete at Worlds with ECE C5!  Remember that.


A Code for Death?

The Living Eulogy Project

I have witnessed the slow, often agonizing death of several loved ones, with no quality of life left, or worse, suffering profoundly. This article resonated with me and makes a very good case for the need for a framework to help people die, for sometimes “saving” a life is not the humane option.

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Gubernatorial Candidate Heather Mizeur Pushes For Physician-Assisted Suicide

CBS Baltimore

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Legalized assisted suicide — it’s a controversial topic with passionate arguments on both sides. Now Maryland could again be at the forefront of the debate.

A candidate for governor now proposes decriminalizing the practice.

Mike Hellgren has an in-depth look at the hot-button issue.

She says it’s about dignity and choice. In a recent Gallup Poll, more than 50 percent of Americans agree with this end-of-life option.

Like most states, Maryland criminalizes assisted suicide. But Delegate Heather Mizeur, a Democrat running for governor, told WJZ, if elected, she would introduce “Death with Dignity” legislation, allowing people to get medicine from their doctor that would end their lives.

“If terminally ill, mentally competent adults choose to end their life, they should be able to seek a life-ending dose of medicine from their physician,” Mizeur said in a policy proposal released late Tuesday.

She doesn’t like the…

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I starting watching a documentary on death with dignity and assisted suicide in oregon. Its called how to die in oregon. I know it is a deeply fought over concept, but I personally think if I was terminal and needed to die without suffering I would do it. I hope that it will become legal in more states. I have seen suffering and I hate it. It is cruel.

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Vote YES for Death with Dignity laws

Let's talk about death and dying...

Please watch this video and vote with your heart for what you know is the right thing to do…

Vote YES for physician-assisted dying when it comes up in your state before another family has to suffer like this family did, still is, will always. For Nattie’s sake, allow all of us the right to make the choice depending on our own circumstances.

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