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Daily Prompt: All About Me

Daily Prompt: All About Me.

Well, I am an addict in recovery so everyday is about me, ha ha ha.  However let me keep it in the day.

Today, I am preparing for an Abnormal Psych exam that I have to take at 9:30 am.  Next, I will head over to a different campus and attend my two other classes, which I happen to love just as much.

After the four day lockdown due to the storm, as well as a week of feeling sick and miserable, I feel ready to take on the day.

The kids are off to school, husband off to work, and now its my time.  I love being a student.  Knowing that each day I get to grow and grow towards the person I long to be is just so gratifying.  Each day is another opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally as well.  Each day is another day that I have to break the vicious cycle of my family patterns.  Each day is a miracle, for that I am so blessed.

Go about your day with love and prosperity, Your Higher Power commands it!  Muah, xoxoxoxo



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