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Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited “Less Than”

Feeling Less Than

No More!
No more feeling less than.
Less than good, less than worthy.
No more feeling less than.
Less then precious, less than beauty.
No more feeling less than trash, less than this less than that.
Worthless would be a step-up, troublesome would be too.
Nothing but an accident, who ruins everything. Born t save an abusive couple, born with a job. Born to fail, never to succeed. Born being hated, nothing worse has ever been created. A new life that brought shame and fear to life, a living, breathing wrecking ball, that fell from her mothers womb.

No more I say, no more. No more listening and feeling less than. No more will I be the source of your problems, your pain. No sooner than I would forgive you would I learn no more less than for me. No more I say, no more emotional abuse, that whispers in my ears, “never, ever will you amount…..”. No more feeling less than human, less than forgiven, less than wonderful and miraculous in God’s eyes. No more will I bend over and pick up the bat you once used. No longer will I hand that bat to each and every man I meet. No longer will I drink and use and ruin myself to fulfill your prophecy. NO MORE! No more will I accept less for myself, or for my little girls.

I WILL, however, let you go, the dry well, you can not quench my thirst. I will drink from a well that gives me substantial life, some nourishment and light. I will step towards the air, away from my self imprisonment. I will breath the same fresh air the same opportunities as other humans have. I will be married, and stay married, I WILL believe in love. I will hug my children and others around me, no matter how uncomfortable it may be at first, I will do it. I will attend school, I will pursue my goals, and I will accomplish many things in my life, MY LIFE. My life that you gave me, and I will be grateful. Grateful that I have this chance to live for you, because you didnt get a chance. I will love myself because you couldn’t, you just didnt have it to give. I will show you that I am worthy, and even though I can not save you from him, I can teach you to love yourself. Do not be afraid I love you, I always will, I love you anyways.


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