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Checking in

Still have the flu today feeling pretty crappy but overall I think I’m improving. I’m in between classes right now and I’m feeling pretty uncomfortable but I’m sure it’s from my sickness and not from my medication. I feel pretty drab my stomach is a little nauseated and I feel really tired my eyes feel heavy but I’m really looking forward to my next class because it happens to be a class that I like. I will check in again later but I just needed to be sure that I was keeping track of the way I’m feeling per my doctor’s orders


4 thoughts on “Checking in

    • Ty, the body aches and pains were Sunday, yesterday I was feeling a bit better, I was hoping today I’d feel all better, but not so unfortunately. However, I was peeking around and I would love to do the daily blog so I can start my blog learning process quicker. How does that work?

      • You can find help and all the links you’ll need to start your Daily Post experience, on their website dailypost(dot)wordpress(dot)com, under the tab “Post Every Day” . If you need. Don’t forget to put up a badge stating that you are going to post everyday, (using a widget) on your sidebar.

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