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So here’s an update:

the hand tremors have passed

my eyes are so out of whack idk what to think.  I am not sure if it is from going on the Lith or coming off the Proz.  Either way, I can not read and seeing as I am a full time student, with a lot to do I am quite frustrated and a little nervous.  I also happen to have the flu right now, LOL, so I did not take care of much of my homework over the weekend.  Good thing I was already ahead of schedule.  On the other hand, 3 different classes I am in require of me to keep a journal, log, or diary etc, with short essays describing different topics in real life that relate to the classes I am taking.  Being in recovery, of course I experience many of these topics each day, ranging from diversity to family function and psychology etc.  In fact I am sure I have an over abundance to share, however finding the time to ramble on in here and being sick really hasn’t helped much.  I have so much to touch on, but first I think I shoudl do some reading, and now that I have checked in with wordpress, which I now consider my faithful diary, I better start my work.  Have a wonderful day everyone, Good Morning and God Bless!  🙂


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